"Every child has

...the right to be respected

...the right to dream

...the right to be loved and cared for

...gifts that should be recognized and valued

...the right to achieve their potential

...the need for unconditional love"

"Empowering Children and Families to Achieve Life-Long Success"

A goal of CRG is to ensure that every child placed within our program structure is provided the tools necessary to gain life-long skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

Call CRG at 509.965.5310 if you or someone you know is interested in fostering a child or youth! 

BRS Children and Youth

The Behavior Rehabilitation Services (BRS) is a temporary intensive wraparound support and treatment program for youth with extreme, high level service needs used to safely stabilize youth and assist in achieving a permanent plan or a less intensive service.

Community Resource Group (CRG) provides these services to BRS level youth by:•Placement of BRS youth in trained therapeutic foster home settings in order to respond to the many behaviors of the children;

•Provide support to therapeutic foster families and youth by qualified Case Managers  that will meet regularly with youth and involves the foster families with treatment and planning process for the youth.
•Case Aides assist in the implementation of the youth’s ISTP, IBMP, and Supervision and Safety Plans.
•CRG will work in collaboration with the child's social worker and all other professionals in effort to support the youth.
•Providing after hours on-call support for crisis situations.

The desired outcomes for this service is to increase the: child’s behavioral stability, school stability, placement stability and potential to reach permanency. A major focus is to develop necessary supports which would allow the child to maintain or develop a permanent family connection and to reside in his/her own community in an identified permanent resource.

Traditional Foster Children and Youth

The first level of foster care is considered Traditional Foster Care.  These children are often not able to remain in their family home due to an unsafe environment, or risky parenting practices by the adults in their home. 

Families that have more than one child and younger children are usually placed in this level of care.  This allows time for the parents to work in collaboration with Social Workers and other professionals towards the correcting of issues and behaviors that led to the separation of the family and placement of their children in foster care.

Reunification of the family is the priority; however there may be times when it is determined that reunification is not in the best interest of the child.  In the case a child or children are not returned, they may become available for adoption.




There is a new location for the  Quarterly Foster Parent Meetings which will be for both  BRS and CPA Foster Parents!


               Foursquare Church

               700 N. 40th Avenue 

               Yakima WA, 98902

Phone:   509.965.5310

Time:     5:30pm - 7:30pm

The new schedule is as follows:
January 17
          April 18            
July 18
October 17

*A light dinner will be served and foster parents will receive information about updates for the program, trainings on various topics and receive credit for the training. 

*Childcare will be provided.
Contact  509.965.5310 
to confirm your attendance.

Email: fostercrg1@gmail.com




Where:  CRG Office                                       640 S. Mission Street

Time:    5:30pm - 7:30pm


Schedule TBA 


Foster CRG  509*965*5310

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