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If you would like to become involved by being a sponsor, making a donation, or volunteering, please contact us by completing the form below or call 509.965.5310.

Foster Parents Needed

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Foster Parents Needed

F O S T E R   C R G

CRG Quarterly



Below are the calendars for the Quarterly BRS and CPA Foster Parent meetings.

The new schedule is as follows:


January 17

          April 18            

July 18

October 17

CPA Meetings 

2017: November 15

Where:  CRG Office 
               402 N. 4th Street

   Yakima WA, 98901

        Phone: 509.965.5310

*A light dinner will be served and foster parents will receive information about updates for the program, trainings on various topics and receive credit for the training. 

*Childcare will be provided.
Contact  509.965.5310 
to confirm your attendance.


WENATCHEE Foster Parent Meeting Schedule

2017: October 25

Call 1.509.888.2188 for more information.

"Every child has

...the right to be respected

...the right to dream

...the right to be loved and cared for that should be recognized and valued

...the right to achieve their potential

...the need for unconditional love"


"Empowering Children and Families to Achieve Life-Long Success"

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To be considered for a foster care license, an applicant must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have sufficient income to support themselves and their own families without relying on foster care reimbursements.
  • Successfully complete a background clearance check with the FBI and Washington State Patrol.
  • Submit tuberculosis tests dated within the last year.
  • Discipline children in a positive manner without the use of physical punishment.
  • Provide supervision appropriate to the age or specific behavior of the child as outlined by the social worker.
  • Complete required training's:

      *First Aid/CPR

      *Blood Borne Pathogens

      *Licensing Orientation

      *Pre-service Training

Youth ages 16 to 18 in the household must complete a Washington State Patrol check.

CRG Foster Care Staff can provide to licensed CRG fosterfamilies:

  • On-going training, support and encouragement  for foster parents;
  • Responsive, on-call services in a crisis situation to deescalate the situation or offer on-the-spot suggestions, advice, and direction, whether by telephone or in-person with the foster parents/foster children;
  • Structured Case Aide for foster children;
  • Transportation assistance to get foster children to/from appointments, school, meetings, etc.;
  • Referrals to mental health counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, medication management, educational needs, etc.

Community Resource Group is seeking individuals committed to making positive contributions in the lives of children and youth by becoming licensed foster parents. 

If you are interested or know someone that might be interested, call us at 509.965.5310.